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For each URL entered, the server adds a new alias in its hashed database and returns a Short URL. URL shortener service face the same issues all links do and additionally by often being harder to read increasing the obscurity of the link. Further, these services introduce a single point of failure where normal URLs do not (if TinyURL goes down, all redirects cease to work) that is potentially open to exploitation, from serving advertisements to directing users to malicious sites. URL redirection, also called URL forwarding and the very similar technique domain redirection also called domain forwarding, are techniques on the World Wide Web for making a web page available under many URLs. Short URL redirection, also called URL forwarding and the very similar technique domain redirection also called domain forwarding are techniques on the World Wide Web for making a web page available under many URLs. Web applications often include lengthy descriptive attributes in their URLs which represent data hierarchies, command structures, transaction paths and session information. This practice results in a URL that is aesthetically unpleasant and difficult to remember, and which may not fit within the size limitations of micro blogging sites. URL shortening services provide a solution to this problem by redirecting a user to a longer URL from a shorter one. URL redirection is sometimes used as a part of phishing attacks that confuse visitors about which web site they are visiting. Because modern browsers always show the real URL in the address bar, the threat is lessened. However, redirects can also take you to sites that will otherwise attempt to attack in other ways. For example, a redirect might take a user to a site that would attempt to trick them into downloading antivirus software and ironically installing a Trojan of some sort instead.
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Even after your visitors have supplied their information and become Opt in email leads, you still want to keep them on your blog as long as possible. Due to a bug in the current version of GetResponse, you should shorten the URL for this page in bitly (or another link shortener utility) and copy the shortened link into the confirmation URL box. 4. If you don't want the "Powered By" logo in your opt in box, deselect it and click on Next Step. 5. The next page will display the box that GetResponse has created for you to capture Opt in email leads. It's not very attractive and isn't likely to help you create the mass email list that you desire. Don't worry, we'll be taking care of that by replacing it with a killer custom designed box! 6. I recommend that you change Web Form Template to Brown Box. This will produce an orange Submit button that will serve to catch your visitors' eye.|With the popularity of social media and affiliate links, turning a long URL into a short one is essential. Even when Twitter increased the character count to 280, space was at a premium and brevity mattered. So being able to shorten your links is necessary. But there is a darker side to short URLs too in that you have no idea where they are going. When you click on a short URL, you are putting blind faith in the person that they are not sending you to a phishing site or a virus download. If it is the New York Times or the BBC, well that’s OK. You can trust big brands. But if it’s Mr MysteryMan from MysteryTown, then who knows what rabbit hole you are being taken down? This will then take you to the TinyURL website where you will be told the long URL. A link is provided to take you to the site if you deem it safe.

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